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The Rossford Exempted Village School District Board of Education (“Board”) seeks the services of an Owner Representative (“OR”) to work with Rossford Exempted Village School District (“District”) administrators, the Board’s architect, The Collaborative, Inc. (“TCI”), and Gilbane Building Company, the construction manager at risk (CMR), for construction and close-out of improvements funded with proceeds from the November 2016 Bond Issue for the District’s capital improvements program, with the option at the Board’s request for other permanent improvements (all of which is referred to as the “Project”). The Board is not participating in a building program overseen by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (“OFCC”).

The capital improvements program includes the following improvements:

  1. Renovations of approximately 52,950 SF and 121,550 SF of new construction on the downtown campus of Rossford High School (701 Superior Street, Rossford, OH) and Rossford Junior High School (651 Superior Street, Rossford, OH) to house grades 6-12. Administrative office space consisting of approximately 6600 SF will be constructed  as part of the high school project.
  2. Renovation of approximately 17,000 SF to the existing Glenwood Elementary School building (including the 1980s addition) and 65,600 SF of new construction to house grades Pre K-5 on the existing Glenwood Elementary School site.
  3. Renovations to the existing football stadium, providing new turf football field, including new goals, scoreboard, and an entry building that may provide concessions and ADA toilet rooms. Existing bleachers will be reworked to provide new and ADA seating.

Total estimated project cost for the improvements listed above is $71,747,554.

The Board invites firms interested in serving as the OR for these improvements during the construction and close-out phases of the Project to submit a proposal, including qualifications, statement of interest, and cost of services, for consideration. Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the firm best qualified to provide the needed services for construction and close-out of improvements; price will be considered, but will not be determinative of the best firm.

The OR will be the Board's representative throughout construction and close-out of improvements included in the Project and will have such authority as is expressly authorized by the Board in the agreement negotiated and signed by the Board and the OR. Each firm submitting a response to this RFP is asked to suggest additional or modified responsibilities and services that can be provided by the OR to enhance the assistance provided by the OR to the Board and District Administration throughout the Project.

The Board expects the OR to use its resources to provide effective insight and administration of the construction and close-out phases for the Project improvements and coordination with the various team members. The OR selected must also:

  • Communicate up-to-date information to District Administration and the Board, so that there are no surprises during any phase of the Project;
  • Communicate in an open and effective manner;
  • Be proactive and anticipate problems before they occur, propose appropriate action to minimize or eliminate those problems, and coordinate implementation of the agreed action with District Administrators and the Design team;
  • Be innovative and creative in its approach to oversight of the construction and close-out phases;
  • Be aware of and take into account both applicable law and Board policy and procedures related to construction and close-out phases; and
  • Attend Board meetings as requested and provide updates and pertinent information to the Board on the construction and close-out phases

Selection Process and Criteria.

Introduction. The Board seeks an OR with sufficient staff and appropriate experience to provide effective administration and support for construction and close-out of the Project. In addition to this general staff and experience requirement, the Board requires the OR to work efficiently and proactively with District Administrators and Board consultants throughout construction and closeout of the Project.

Selection Process. Firms experienced with construction and closeout for public school projects in the role of an OR are invited to submit proposals for the services described in the RFP. The responses received will be reviewed and evaluated by the Superintendent, Treasurer, and the Board’s architect. Determination of the firm to provide the required services will be based upon the information provided in response to this RFP, and any additional information requested, with the firm selected that is determined to provide the most benefit to the Board for construction and close-out of the Project, considering both experience and cost for services. Price for services will be considered, but will not be determinative of the firm selected. The firm determined to provide the most benefit for the Project will be recommended to the Board to provide the OR services for the Project. Selection of the OR could be completed as early as the Board’s scheduled meeting in February 2018. Once selected, the costs associated with the services to be provided will be negotiated for inclusion in the Agreement for Owner Representative Services.

Submission of Proposals. Proposals must be submitted no later than 4:00 pm on December 11, 2017, to:

Dave Serra, Principal
The Collaborative, Inc.
One SeaGate, Park Level 118
Toledo, OH 43604
T: 419.242.7405 x 220; email: dserra@thecollaborativeinc.com

Questions concerning the Project: The District’s Facility Committee will host each firm for a 20-30 minute meeting to discuss any specific questions with the RFP and the Project. This meeting is be scheduled by emailing dserra@thecollaborativeinc.com by December 4, 2017, at 4:00 PM. The meetings will be conducted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, starting at 5:00 PM. Firms will be notified on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, of the time scheduled for the meeting.

Each firm is responsible for delivery of its proposal to the specified individual and location prior to the deadline for receipt of proposals. The Board, in its sole discretion, may accept a proposal delivered after the deadline if it finds a reasonable basis for doing so.

Proposals must contain the information requested in this RFP to be considered.

Evaluation Criteria. In evaluating candidates, the following criteria will be considered:

  • Ability to provide the OR services to accomplish the Board's objective, as indicated by:
    • Successful experience on other school projects in a similar or related capacity, including projects that are non-Ohio Facilities Construction Commission projects;
    • Qualifications (education and experience) of its staff and, in particular, the persons who will be assigned to the Project. If short-listed, it is the District’s expectation that these individuals will attend the interviews to be conducted.
    • Ability to plan for large, complex projects that could include multiple buildings and phases situated on small project sites requiring extensive coordination.
    • Other similar factors.

Services Requested. The services listed in Item 1 have been identified by District Administrators as being necessary for efficient and effective administration of the improvements included in the Project; additional detail about these services is described in Items 2 through 11.

1.  Specific Services Requested:

  • Assist as requested with construction and close-out of improvements included in the Project.
  • Participate in Owner core team meetings.
  • Attend progress meetings at the job site with contractors and subcontractors.
  • Provide insight on coordination and scheduling of work; review, monitor, and comment on construction schedules.
  • Provide oversight of construction activities during construction; conduct walkthroughs of the construction sites and prepare observation reports detailing schedule compliance, observed constructability and quality of work issues, and nonconforming work issues where work does not conform to the specifications.
  • Assist with administration of Project paperwork, including reviewing GMP proposals, applications for payment, change requests, and change orders and monitoring close-out of each improvement; consult with architect and Owner about observed deficiencies.
  • Review all final applications for payment and release of construction retainage.
  • Provide technical assistance as needed with project issues and claims.

2. Schedules. Review and comment on the construction schedules prepared for individual improvements. Monitor the schedule and provide reports during construction and close-out to track the schedule.

3. Progress Reports. Review, comment and provide suggestions on all progress reports prepared during all phases of construction and close-out of the Project.

4. Board Meetings. Attend Board meetings as requested and present a report on the status of construction and close-out of each improvement included in the Project to keep the Board informed and up to date on issues being addressed for the construction and close-out phases.

These services may be modified and/or supplemented during negotiation of the agreement for OR services with the Board.

Firms are encouraged to identify other services that would enhance the role of the OR and provide more effective administration of the construction and close-out of the Project improvements.

Requested Information.

A. Firm Overview. Include:

1. History and philosophy of the firm. What makes the firm unique? Describe the aspects of the firm's approach to OR services that have made it successful.

2. Describe the firm's composition -- i.e., in-house, full-time employees and in-house professional disciplines, as well as any outside consultants used to provide the requested OR services.

3. Explain why the firm is the most qualified to provide the requested services for, construction and close-out of the Phase 1 Project improvements; what is different about the firm's approach than other firms.

4. Identify at least one large K-12 project and one higher education project for which the firm has served as an OR or Construction Manager in an agency role. Describe for each project identified the scope, number of buildings, cost, and schedule for design/preconstruction, construction and closeout (including a breakdown by building if there are multiple buildings), and identify appropriate contact persons at the institution and from the architect's and construction manager’s, if appropriate, office who are familiar with the project.

5. Describe the firm’s experience working with the CMR delivery model for public school construction projects in Ohio.

6. Provide any information related to claims and dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, litigation, or other claims resolution process, with which the firm has been involved related to school construction or other construction projects, as either a party or a consultant to a party involved in the issue.

B. Experience.

1. Provide project information with respect to similar size, scope, and complexity which the firm has been involved over the past five years as an OR or in another role. Include the following for each project identified:

a. brief description of project;
b. construction cost;
c. owner’s name, address, phone number and contact person;
d. architect’s name, address, phone number and contact person;
e. role served by the firm.

2. Describe the firm’s experience involving new technology such as a one to one instruction model and other integrated technology systems.

3. Describe the firm’s experience involving construction and close-out of school improvements and its role in making sure all stakeholders are represented.

C. Project Approach.

1. Provide the firm's suggestions for developing effective communications with the Board, District administration, the Design team, and the community.

D. Proposed Staffing and Compensation.

1. Include an organization chart with proposed staffing (including any consultants) for the Project, consistent with the requested services and achieving the Board goal. Include a one-page resume for each proposed team member, including consultant employees, that highlights relevant experience, education, and any professional qualifications, such as whether the individual is a registered architect or professional engineer. List only individuals who will be assigned to the construction and close-out phases of the Project.

2. Include the cost for providing the requested services (“Fee”), including pricing for different services proposed that the firm believes would enhance the design/preconstruction, construction and close-out phases of the Project. The Fee must be a fixed amount, including all reimbursable expenses, payable monthly. Detail how the Fee was calculated and include the components that make up the overall cost of services. For certain services or expenses that may not be quantified with specificity at the time the agreement is negotiated and prepared, an allowance for those services and/or expenses will be included in the Fee, which will be used as services are provided for that item or expenses are incurred. Any unused allowance amounts will be returned to the Board at the conclusion of the services to be provided by the selected firm.

Note that while the Board intends for the term of the agreement with the OR to be for the duration of the Project, the Board will include a termination for convenience clause in the Agreement. Under this clause the Board will be able to terminate the Agreement at any time on 15 days written notice for any reason, including but not limited to performance issues, or for no reason.

E. References.

1. Provide the last six (6) projects of similar size, scope, and complexity for which the firm has provided services with contact names and phone numbers.

F. Special Considerations and Comments.

1. Provide an overview of what you believe the Board and District Administrators can do to help make the construction and close-out of the Phase 1 Project successful.

2. HVAC systems and roofing systems are frequent problems in school construction. What suggestions does your firm have for advising the design firm for HVAC and roofing systems that work well and work well from the start, including suggestions for sustainable and efficient building envelope systems.

3. Good contractors, i.e., responsible contractors and subcontractors, are critical to a successful project. Provide suggestions and thoughts for ensuring qualified and responsible contractors and subcontractors are made aware of and encouraged to submit qualifications to become a prequalified subcontractor for work that is the responsibility of a CMR or bids/pricing for other construction work.

G. Preliminary Schedule for the Selection of an OR.

The preliminary timeline and tasks for the selection of an OR is outlined below:

Post RFP for OR services November 27, 2017
Deadline for submitting proposals by OR firms December 11, 2017
Review and short-list firms; invite to short-listed firms to interview Week of December 18, 2017
Interview short-listed OR firms Week of January 15, 2018
Submit recommendation to the Board for best OR firm Week of February 12, 2018
Anticipated Start of OR Services April 2018
Completion of OR Services January 2020

Thank you for your interest in providing services as an OR for construction and close-out of the District’s Project.


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