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Rossford Junior High Homework

.Homework will be updated every Monday

Homework for week of April 16, 2018




Mrs. Anderson will email information to parents.





“see website https://sites.google.com/site/atkinclass/















Monday- AIR Practice Test


Tuesday- ELA AIR Testing


Wednesday- - ELA AIR Testing


Thursday- Read Soldier’s Heart Ch. 5-7, Complete Imagery WS and Packet


Friday- Read Soldier’s Heart Ch. 8-10, Complete Packet and PSL Poll
























Homework is dependent on what they get done or not done in class.  There isn't a specific homework assignment any day.



Students can practice at home using Typing Club





Evarts 8th Grade

Alg 1


M- AIR practice test

T- AIR practice test analysis

W- No Class (testing)

R- AIR review activity

F- AIR review activity, Warm-up Assessment



M- Composite functions

T- Function machine activity

W- Test over functions

R- AIR Practice Test

F- AIR Practice Test analysisv












Mon:  Discuss AIR practice answers;  Essay on the Philae mission is due today;  Work on poetry book (NEW DUE DATE:  FRI. 4/20)


Tues:  ELA AIR TEST IN THE MORNING;  Read story about a hero and fill in graphic organizer


Wed:  ELA AIR TEST IN THE MORNING;  Read a second story about a hero and write a paragraph about it


Thurs:  Biography Book Report Presentations


Fri:  Poetry Poster Partner Project;  Continue working on poems that you want to submit to the Rossford Public Library Contest (up to three entries due by 4/26)










Gokey 6th Grade


Advanced Math 1st & 2nd and 5th & 6th

During this week, we will finish working on Chapter 7- Algebraic Expressions

Homework: Wednesday-Study for Test on Thursday

ELA State Testing on Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18

Math - 3rd & 4th

During this week, we will finish working on Rates – Chapter 5

Homework: - Wednesday-worksheet 63-65; Thursday-finish classwork pages 216-217

 ELA State Testing on Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18









Herman 6th, 7th, 8th Grade


Monday:  Test prep

Tuesday:  ELA Air Test

Wednesday:  The Giver Chapters 1-5 Vocabulary

Thursday:  The Giver Chapters 1-2

Friday:  The Giver Chapters 3-5


Math 7

Monday:  Intro to Probability, HW: Practice 10.1

Tuesday:  ELA Air Test

Wednesday:  Probability Notes, HW: 10.2 Practice

Thursday:   Experimental/Theoretical Notes, HW: 10.3 Practice

Friday:  Compound Event Notes, HW: 10.4 Practice A notes



Hood 6th Grade












 Johns 6th Grade






































Graphing WS1-2 due thursday




Rothbard 7th and 8th Grade







MON:  Unit Tests returned/reviewed. Review game for SLO Post-test (Jeaparody!).

TUE:  SLO Post-test.


WED:  SLO Post-test continued.


THR: SLO Post-test continued (if necessary).

FRI: Review of food web simulation. Food Webs activity.


Special Announcements:


-SLO Post-test Tuesday through Thursday!



My After-School Schedule This Week:


Monday through Thursday until approximately 3:30













Outside read due  4/19

Post due 4/18

Replies due 4/20



Monday, April 16th:

*Vocabulary                unceasing         quarantine         robust

                                   tedious            vile                    epidemic

                                    squall              pestilence          cajoling


*Read Chapter 7 and 8

*Response Question: Complete the Comparison Chart

*Response Question:  Create your own question and answer the question in a complete paragraph. (Note: Remember your Hamburger Outline idea, you do not need to complete the outline, but follow it.) (due Tues or Wed.)


Tuesday, April 17th:

*Read Chapters 9 and 10

*Response Question: Question and Answer Chapters 7 – 9

*Response Question: Essay writing (due Wed. or Fri.)


Wednesday, April 18th:

Due to testing Periods 1 and 2 will do Tuesdays work Tuesday. (will not see 3/4)

Due to testing Periods 3 and 4 will do Tuesdays work today. (will not see 1/2)

Due to testing Periods 5 and 6 will learn more about 1793 today.


Thursday, April 19th:

*Grammar activities


Friday, April 20th:

*Read Chapters 11 and 12

*Response Question: Character Trait Chart

*Response Question: Question and Answer Chapters 10 – 12 (due Mon.)













Monday: Work on Northern Renaissance Figure presentations (due by Friday)

Tuesday: Testing

Wednesday: Testing

Thursday: Pick/research a modern day Renaissance Man/Woman

Friday: Create a slide in class slideshow on chosen Renaissance Man/Woman














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