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Rossford Junior High Homework

.Homework will be updated every Monday

Homework for week of January 22




Mrs. Anderson will email information to parents.





“see website https://sites.google.com/site/atkinclass/






















Monday- Read Chapter 3 and start Chapter 4 of Homeless Bird, Complete Chapter 3 Worksheet


Tuesday- Finish Chapter 4 - 6 of Homeless Bird, Complete Chapter 5 Worksheet


Wednesday- Read Chapter 7 & 8 of Homeless Bird, Assign Chapter 8 Worksheet


Thursday- Read Chapter 9 & 10 of Homeless Bird, Complete Chapter 10 Worksheet


Friday- Read Chapter 11 of Homeless Bird, Assign Quilt due at the end of class










M onday,1/22: Practice 6.1 (evens)
Tuesday, 1/23: Practice 6.2 (odds)
Wednesday, 1/24: Puzzle Time 6.3
Th ursday,1/25: Practice 6.4
Friday, 1/26: Study for Quiz (MON)












Homework is dependent on what they get done or not done in class.  There isn't a specific homework assignment any day.



Students can practice at home using Typing Club





Evarts 8th Grade


Alg 1


Mon- Chapter 6 Test

Tues- Work Out #1 Due, Multiplying Monomials- worksheet

Wed -Multiplying Monomials- homework out of book

Thurs- Dividing Monomials- worksheet

Frid- Monomials quiz




Mon- variables with equations

Tues- creating equations with variables- worksheet

Wed- assessment over algebra

Thurs- inverse operations homework

fri - like terms and distributive property 










Mon:  Finish reading log for Soldier's Heart;  Google Classroom Activity for the Civil War Unit


Tues:  Journal 3


Wed:  Quiz for Scope Article, "Escape from Slavery"


Thurs:  Persuasive Essay:  Texting and Walking


Fri:  Journal 4








Gokey 6th Grade

Advanced Math 1st & 2nd and 5th & 6th

During this week, we will finish working on Chapter 12-Surface Area and Volume of Solids.

Homework: Monday-finish classwork; Tuesday-Worksheet 89-90; Wednesday-Worksheet 91-92; Thursday-Study for Chapter 12 TEST

CHAPTER 12 TEST on Friday


Math - 3rd & 4th

During this week, we will continue working on Chapter 10-Area of Polygons

Homework: - Monday – Worksheet  81 & 83; Tuesday – Worksheet 85 & 87; Wednesday-Finish classwork; Thursday-Finish classwork











Herman 6th, 7th, 8th Grade


Spelling Words:   horrid, stupid, crooked, electronic, historic, rugged, magnetic, barefooted, democratic, passionate, rigid, contented, poetic, undersized, metallic, confederate

Monday:  Monsters are Due on Maple Street packet

Tuesday:  Monsters are Due on Maple Street Quiz, Spelling p. 14

Wednesday:  Recess article and quiz

Thursday:  Spelling Review, spelling p. 15

Friday:  Spelling lesson 7 quiz, Read other Recess articles


Math 7

Monday:  Color – 2 step equations

Tuesday:  Test Review

Wednesday:  Test Review

Thursday:  Chapter 3 Test

Friday:  4.1 Inequalities





Hood 6th Grade









 Johns 6th Grade


































Rothbard 7th and 8th Grade






MON:  Recent Directed Reading returned/reviewed. Example density problems (as a class). PhET lab: Density.

TUE: Finish PhET lab (if necessary). Density Challenge!


WED: Example density problems (as a class). Density problems worksheet (hand in when finished).

THR: Quiz (Density). Quick activity to introduce next section.

FRI: Quiz returned/reviewed. Quiz corrections due Moday. Heating of Water Lab.




My After-School Schedule This Week:

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday till approximately 3:30


Late Work Deadlines:

            Directed Reading (What is Energy?) accepted till Monday (1/29)

















Advanced: Post due 1/24

                 Replies due 1/26

                 Outside read due Thurs.


All: Vocabulary due Friday 1/26



Monday, January 22nd:

*Vocabulary                 typhus            morbid                  barracks

                                   agonized         consulted               constituted

                                   looted             conceal

* Read “I Promised I Would Tell: Auschwitz and Beyond”

* Response Question: Record the Scenario, Prediction, Outcome


*Create your own question based on the reading of the article. Answer in a complete paragraph. (due Wed.)


Tuesday, January 23rd:

*Writing Activity

*Author Study


Wednesday, January 24th:

* Read “I Promised I Would Tell: Venusberg March-April 1945”

* Response Question: What does Sonia do to survive? What is her mindset? Write a response in paragraph form. Use complete sentences.

*Create your own question based on the reading of the article. Answer in a complete paragraph. (due Fri.)


Thursday, January 25th:

*Author Study (Advanced: Outside Read Literacy Discussion)


Friday. January 26th:

* Read “I Promised I Would Tell: I’m Free”

* Response Question: What is Sonia’s response to Americans and others that the Holocaust never happened? State three things she may say or do about their opinions. Write in complete sentences with complete thoughts.

*Create your own question based on the reading of the article. Answer in a complete paragraph. (due Mon.)













Monday: Review study guide. Work on Islamic Achievements Newspaper project

Tuesday: Review study guide for test tomorrow. Work on newspaper project.

Wednesday: Test on Byzantine and Muslim Civilizations

Thursday: Read and answer questions about China's Golden Age

Friday:  Newspaper project due. Begin work on Silk Road project.















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