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Rossford Junior High Homework

.Homework will be updated every Monday

Homework for week of November 13




Mrs. Anderson will email information to parents.





“see website https://sites.google.com/site/atkinclass/






7th Grade Math

Monday- 3.4 Puzzle Time

Tuesday-3.5 Puzzle Time

Wednesday- Chapter 3 Review

Thursday-Study for Chapter 3 Test

Friday- Chapter 3 Test



7th grade Math Advanced

Mon- graphing points &10 dice activity questions
Tue- 5.5 Practice A
Wed-5.6 Practice B
Thur- chapter 5 review 
Fri-Ch.5 test










Monday- Read “The Day the President Was Shot” Complete Key Ideas and Details WS, Introduce A Terrible Day Essay due Wednesday


Tuesday- Read “The House” Point of View Activity, Work on A Terrible Day Essay due Wednesday


Wednesday- Read “Are You a Screen Addict?” & “Could It Be That Video Games Are Good for Kids?” Complete Battle Between Tales & Main Idea WS, Assign a Persuasive Paragraph defending your position


Thursday- Introduce Common Myths About the 1st Thanksgiving due Monday


Friday- Read “Yawning… And Why They Are Contagious” Complete Interactive Notes WS, Work on Thanksgiving Day Myth due Monday




































Homework is dependent on what they get done or not done in class.  There isn't a specific homework assignment any day.



Students can practice at home using Typing Club





Evarts 8th Grade







Mon- Character Thinking Tool Worksheet


Tues-  Integrating Ideas Worksheet


Wed- Homeless Bird, by Gloria Whelan chapter 1 packet


Thurs- Preposition Narrative


Fri- Ch. 4 Homeless Bird questions





Gokey 6th Grade

Advanced Math 1st & 2nd and 5th & 6th

During this week, we will continue working on Chapter 9 – The Coordinate Plane

Homework:  Monday- worksheet 21-24; Tuesday- worksheet 25-27; Wednesday-finish classwork


Math - 3rd & 4th

During this week, we will continue working on Chapter 14- Measures of Central Tendency

Homework: Monday- worksheet 18-121; Tuesday- worksheet 122-124; Wednesday-worksheet 125-126; Thursday-worksheet 127-128






Herman 6th, 7th, 8th Grade


Spelling Words:   arrested, improved, included, irrigated, inspection, insisted, illustrated, advice, approved, agreeable, investigated, announcement, impressed, accomplished, affectionate, irresponsible

Monday:  Scene 3 p. 355-361; Scene 366-374; Outline

Tuesday:  Scene 5 p. 366-374, Outline (due Thursday); Spelling p. 6

Wednesday:  Act 1 packet, sequence chain (Due Friday)

Thursday:  Spelling review; Spelling 7

Friday:  Spelling Quiz, Act 1 Quiz


Math 7

Monday:  P. 40 Multiplying and Dividing rational numbers; HW:  Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers Worksheet

Tuesday:  Test Review

Wednesday:  Rational Numbers Quiz

Thursday:  Expression Notes

Friday:  Using Variables Notes






Hood 6th Grade

Monday:Review for Matter test

Tuesday: review for matter test

Wednesday: Test- matter

Thursday- test- matter







 Johns 6th Grade

































Rothbard 7th and 8th Grade






MON: Recent quiz returned/reviewed. Quiz Corrections due Wednesday. Acid/Base demonstration. Begin pH Lab.

TUE: Finish/review pH Lab. Begin guided notes on acids and bases.

WED: Quiz Corrections due. Finish guided notes. Demonstration.

THR: Kahoot.

FRI: Quiz (Acids, Bases, and pH). Crossword Puzzle.



My After-School Schedule This Week:


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday till approximately 3:30













Advanced: Outside read due 11/14

                   Post due Weds. and Replies due Fri.



Monday, November 13th:

* Vocabulary for the week:                peon                               ultimate

                                                          maestro                          seniority

                                                          interpretations              antifreeze

                                                          conscience                     cologne


*Read Chapter 6

* Response Question: Portmanteau words page 19

* Create your own question based on Chapter 6 reading. Answer in a complete paragraph. (due Wed.)


Tuesday, November 14th:

RESEARCH DAY (Advanced Literacy Circle)


Wednesday, November 15th:

* Read Chapter 7

* Response Question: Finding Sensory Images: Use your senses; sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. With your partner or group, scan pages 1 - 120 and find two examples of a sensory images. (Listen to the sensory image example given.)

* Create your own question based on Chapter 7 reading. Answer in a complete paragraph. (due Fri.)


Thursday, November 16th:

Author Study Presentations


Friday. November 17th:

* Read Chapter 8

* Response Question: Quiz Time page 15

You will need at least two sentences. One is a restate and the second is an explain. Be sure to follow our rules of grammar (Wonder responses/last book study). Use a separate sheet of paper to answer the questions. (due Mon.)











Monday: Work on Latin Webquest. Finish Veterans' Day puzzle and webquest which are due Tuesday.

Tuesday: Turn in Veterans' Day puzzles and webquest. Work on Roman numerals worksheet

Wednesday: Fill in graphic organizer on Roman government after reading.

Thursday: Create a Cincinnatus Award in Google Draw

Friday: Work on Roman Achievements project




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