Levy Q&A

On Tuesday, May 3, 2022 Rossford Schools has two levies on the ballot. Both are currently 7.9 mill levies that the board voted 5-0 to decrease to 6.9 mill levies. These renewal/decreasing operating levies are 5-years in length.

How much savings would I see in my taxes if approved?
The median Rossford home costs $142,800. If approved, this would save this household $99 annually in taxes. Over the five-year duration of the levies, it would save the median homeowner nearly $500.

How long have these levies been collected?
One levy was first approved in 1991, the other levy was approved in 2002. They have been providing student programming and resources for a combined 51 years.

What does this money fund?
These levies provide for our student programming, which includes our inclusive services for all students, expanded programming, more course options, after-school clubs and more. It also will allow us to maintain staffing levels. In the past few years, we have added a school resource officer for each school, a school-family liaison, expanded counseling and reading intervention specialists. These would be maintained with the passage of these levies.

What are some of these programs?
We have added Link Crew and Web, which help our sixth graders and freshmen get acclimated to the changes of those grades. We added an elementary music club and art clubs for 6-12 students. STEM programming has been added in all grades. We have expanded counseling services and college credit plus opportunities for our high school students to earn college credits.
Some of the new 6-12 courses we offer include:
- Language & World Cultures
- Introduction to Theater
- Current Events
- Nutrition
- Podcasting
- 21st Century Literacy
- Video Game Design
- Ceramics
What about the enterprise zone funds?
Rossford Schools is in a great position to accept funds from businesses that have come to the area. This includes Amazon’s recent investment in Rossford Schools. Our student programming and staff operating costs cannot rely on these funds because they expire. We have still been resourceful with these funds in other avenues which has allowed us to be fiscally responsible and propose lowering taxes. We have utilized these funds for facility upgrades, purchasing Chromebooks, and the Board is adding a multi-use facility with these funds that will provide great opportunities for our students to thrive in clubs, e-sports, STEM, and extra-curricular activities.

How does voting yes to a tax lower my taxes?
These taxes have already been collected for a combined 51 years. This tax, if approved, will lower how much money each homeowner will have to pay compared to previous taxes as the mills being requested are reduced.

How can you sustain student programming and staffing with less money?
Rossford Schools has been fiscally responsible which has put the school district in a financially stable place. It is incredibly rare for a school district to lower taxes, but our financial decisions have put us in this position. Lowering utility and repair costs from our new facilities have also helped lower our operating costs.

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