Superintendent Creps Letter on Climate Survey Results

Each new school year begins with wonderful experiences as summer turns to fall and this back to school season is no exception. Our students are quickly adapting to new classes and learning experiences while enjoying fall extra-curricular activities moving into full swing. 
In our welcome back communication shared earlier this month, we talked about celebrating our 100th anniversary at the high school campus. In that communication we wrote about celebrating great events of the past while looking forward to the future and planning for continued success. We recognize that one important aspect of continuing a culture of success involves collecting feedback from students, staff and parents. We aim to use stakeholder feedback to shape our behaviors, decisions and actions to further strengthen the tradition of excellence we have built over the course of the last century as we plan for our students' future. It requires us to reinforce our positive efforts and refine or strengthen other areas for overall performance improvement.
To that end, students in grades three through twelve, all parents and all staff members were invited to participate in an anonymous school climate survey toward the end of this past school year. One version of the survey was dedicated to students in grades three through five, while a different survey adapted for older students was conducted for students in grades six through twelve. The results were reported separately according to these same grade bands. The survey tool used to collect feedback was The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory, which was developed and implemented by The National School Climate Center (NSCC). This survey tool was selected by our District Leadership Team (DLT), made up of teachers and administrators from both buildings. The team came to this conclusion after their careful review of different instruments used for this purpose. This survey tool was then subsequently recommended to the Board of Education for use with our stakeholders before its release for a period of three weeks before closing in order for responses to be calculated. Once results were calculated by NSCC, they were electronically returned to the district for discussion and distribution. 
As found in the introduction section of the results report, the surveys measured in fourteen separate dimensions that are defined by the major indicators listed beside each dimension. It is important to read the introduction and climate overview sections as they are helpful in understanding the reports and their interpretation. Due to the length and extensiveness of these survey documents, the survey and results can be found in the two below links.

NSCC - Rossford Elementary School Survey Results 
NSCC - Rossford Junior Senior High School Survey Results
These data outcomes reflect one of our district's strengths as Professional Relationships and our area of focus for improvement is the Sense of Social-Emotional Security among our students.  While we have a broad range of practices and initiatives currently in place to address this focus area and reinforce our areas of strength, we remain committed to further improving our efforts for a better student and staff experience. We also understand the importance of this data to retaining and recruiting top-tier staff.
We again want to thank everyone who dedicated their time to participate in this survey. More important, we want to emphasize that we take this information seriously, that we are listening carefully to our stakeholders and we are using the information as a source to direct our ongoing efforts to enhance the rich tradition at Rossford Schools. Thank you for helping make sure our next 100 years will be even stronger than our past 100 years.
Should you have any questions about the survey results or our related daily efforts, please feel free to contact your child's building principal or call the Board Office at 419-666-2010.

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