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Beyond the Bell After-School Program
On Mondays through Thursdays in the Rossford Junior-Senior High School Media Center there is a free after-school program for students in grades 6-12 until 6 p.m. run by the Wood County ESC Community Learning Center.

The group typically helps with homework initially, works on fun projects based on student interests and plays uno and other fun games too.

“We’re trying to have a safe, fun space for students after school to go to,” said Program Administrator Hilaree Kindelt. “For parents to feel comfortable if they’re working late there is a spot for their students to go and continue to learn and grow.”

Here is a link to a podcast to hear directly from Site Coordinator Cayden Adams and Program Administrator Hilaree Kindelt.

Rossford Schools found a need for students in grades 6-12 to have a place after school. This new program gives them a space to interact with peers, receive homework help, initiate other fun projects while in a safe, school setting with their peers.

Site Coordinator Cayden Adams loves finding students' passions and gearing projects toward what drives them.

"We are trying to expand and understand the knowledge with our interests," Adams said. "Using critical thinking and problem solving that we use everyday here at school and expanding it. We have a lot of sports fans and not just athletes work in sports. They might not know that until we do the research and a project on it."

Register your child for Beyond the Bell here. 

The program started at the beginning of this school year and has 25 students registered with a group of 10 who come regularly. The group is looking to continue to grow though. Ms. Kindelt has enjoyed hearing students encourage others to come.