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Back to School Letter 2021
Dear Rossford Schools Families,

We hope that everyone had some time to enjoy the summer months, rest up and prepare for the excitement of the upcoming school year.
Thankfully many COVID-19 restrictions have been reduced, but with the emergence of the new cases across the state and country we are continuing to work closely with the Ohio Department of Education and Wood County Health Department to ensure safety for our students and staff.

We anticipate beginning the year with masks optional in our schools. Right now our COVID-19 cases are relatively low, but the Wood County Health Department is warning us of a possible growing number of identified cases. While masks are optional, we know that last year masks helped avoid transmission of COVID-19 in our classrooms. We had no positive cases from it being shared in the classroom while we were wearing masks. Our students ages 12 and up have opportunities to be vaccinated.

Through the school year if cases climb to a level of concern, the Wood County Health Department will likely issue different recommendation levels for masks. We will echo those encouragements for mask wearing based on our district levels and will communicate those recommendations to our families at the appropriate times.

While masks aren’t mandatory in school, we do encourage it for safety. Masks are, however, going to be required on buses. Due to a federal law masks on public transportation are required at this time.

Contact tracing will go on. Masks will help students stay in class as they have lowered distancing measures to positive cases. We will continue to clean surfaces, do routine handwashing practices, and encourage those sick to stay home and get tested just like last year. This summer through Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds we were able to obtain new air purification systems for both schools.

I wish we were back to normal; no masks, no distancing, and no additional measures needed. However, we trust our local health experts who have expressed concerns with rising cases and the new Delta variant. We want to make sure we are being responsible for our students and staff. Thank you for your patience and partnership again making our schools safe. As it has been since the start of COVID-19, plans are subject to change.

On a different note, I want to welcome new faces to our team. Tamara Meehan will be our new Transportation Supervisor, Dawn Heck is our new Assistant Principal at Rossford Elementary, Brad Stechschulte is joining our maintenance team, and Morgan Bannister is a new fourth grade teacher for us. Two new paraprofessionals on our team are Alesha Davis and Brittany Honsberger. Some familiar faces are taking on new roles including Angie Lilly as our Food Service Supervisor, Mark Swavel as Curriculum Director, and Megan Spangler at Human Resources Director. I am very excited to see our staff continue to be strengthened with their talents.

Rossford Schools is equipped and prepared to continue to strive forward in the classroom, community, clubs and athletics this school year. We continue to be grateful for helping us daily commit to excellence.

Dan Creps