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Patricia Gladieux Award Winners 2022
The Patricia Gladieux Employee-of-the-Year Award, honored to employees who show outstanding character in working with and/or for children, was awarded to Martha Fellman, Jennifer Muck and Patty Welch this year.

The following criteria are used to determine those who teach or demonstrate genuine characteristics beyond what is required in their daily duties to a degree of being outstanding and showing unselfish devotion to job-students-community: Concern, Enthusiasm, Moral Character, Charity, Positive Attitude and Patriotism.

Martha Fellman, a business teacher at Rossford Junior-Senior High School,  cares deeply for her students and is always professional. She also is instrumental with the Serving Our Soldiers Club as well as co-advisor roles with senior class and National Honor Society groups.

"Martha has great concern for students and will not hesitate to help in any way she can," her nomination letter stated. "She is constantly doing for others."

Jennifer Muck, a fifth grade teacher at Rossford Elementary School, was nominated based off of her hard work ethic, positive attitude, and compassion for her students. 

"She is compassionate and her calm but firm demeanor brings out the best in each child," her nomination letter stated. "Her students try their best for her because they know how much she cares about their success."

Patty Welch, has been serving Rossford students for over 25 years in the cafeteria and on the bus, was nominated because how much she cared for all of her students in whatever role she was in. As a driver she would take trips no one else could to make sure a sports team could play the away game. 

"She displays all the qualities of the award in addition to performing her duties diligently and with the utmost care," her nomination letter said. "She has shown extraordinary concern for the students and staff here at Rossford."

Congratulations to our 2022 Gladieux Award winners!