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American Experience Honors Projects

under construction

  Welcome to the page containing a few of the projects that we will work on as an Honors class.                 Pearl Harbor Radiocast . . . read more

Module 6

Closing Scenes and Rememberences

by Mike Rinehart

Module 6 In this our final module we will explore a topic that many of you have never fully researched before the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.  We will explore Booth's motives and his fellow conspirators by . . . read more

Module 5

From the Wilderness to Atlanta, to Petersburg to Appommattox

by Mike Rinehart

Module 5   In Module 5 we continue your exploration of the military, social and political aspects of the war.  President Lincoln is frustrated by the stalemate that begins in both Georgia and  Virginia . . . read more

Ohio History

by Mike Rinehart

Welcome to my Ohio History webpage   This page is under construction read more

Module 4

The Turning Point of the War

by Mike Rinehart

Module 4: The Turning Point   In Module 4 will start us off with our brief break from the military front.  Our course will take a look at what it was like to be a Civil War soldier.  Then We will explore Lee's two . . . read more

Module 3 Vocabulary

Key Vocab for Module 3

by Mike Rinehart

These terms, people, places and things are defined and identified in the notes.  However, I created this as a separate page to help you in your studies. Back to Module 3   The Army of the Potomac-->the largest . . . read more

Effects of the Minie Ball on Civil War combat

by Mike Rinehart

During the Civil War the generals of both sides used old battlefield tactics which called for the men to march in tight formations (shoulder to shoulder) and attack the enemy across open ground.  This made the attacker an easy target for . . . read more

Module 3

Lee Takes Command

by Mike Rinehart

Module 3: Lee Takes Command General Robert E. Lee In Module 3 we will explore the rest of the year 1862.  We will explore the Monitor/Virginia battle at Hampton Roads, and the key campaigns in Virginia which led up the . . . read more

American Experience Honors

by Mike Rinehart

  Habits of Mind       2012 Election Link:  What groups did President Obama and Mitt Romney win?         Industrialization Revolution Webquest . . . read more

Module 2

First Blood/U.S. Grant/Lee Takes Command

by Mike Rinehart

Module 2 General U.S. Grant In Module 2 we will explore any left over material from Module 1.  Further we will delve deeper into the wars unspeakable slaughter as we explore the many campaigns that made up the . . . read more

The American Civil War


by Mike Rinehart

Welcome to the Civil War!    The American Civil War has played a pivotal role in American history. This course will serve as an introduction to the Civil War Era (roughly 1848-1877). As my student you will be . . . read more

Assignments for Civil War

Click on the appropriate link for the assignments

by Mike Rinehart | June 12, 2011

"I will study and get ready and perhaps my chance will come."  Abraham Lincoln Civil War Pretest: What do you know? Click on the Pre-Test icon below to download a copy to take. The "pre-test" . . . read more

Module 1

Causes of the Civil War to "The Big Four of the Civil War"

by Mike Rinehart

Module 1   The first module traces the causes of the war by discussing the key issues of the antebellum period, starting with the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the slavery issue, the Compromise of 1850 and the other . . . read more

American Civil War Links

Links for various Civil War sites around the Internet

by Mike Rinehart

Civil War Links Back to the main pa ge   For this course you will find these links very useful.  I cannot be always certain that any or all of them are still functional because Internet links come and go all the . . . read more

American Government

by Mike Rinehart

Lexie Tim Jessica Valerie   American Government is really fun.     read more

Bio and Contact Info.

by Mike Rinehart

Hello, if your reading this page then you are either attempting to contact me or you desire to learn more about me.  This page should satisfy either quest. Basic Information: Mr. Rinehart Email: . . . read more


by Mike Rinehart

read more


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