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Renewal Process

Workshop Sign-In Sheet (PDF) -- (2016+) - for facilitators

Information from ODE about 5-Year License Renewal & Transition to a 5-Year License.  

Create an ODE SAFE Account to manage your license and sign-up for state and regional professional development.Things You Should Know & Do Checklist

Step 1 (Self-Assessment - optional):

Step 2 (Complete IPDP & Goals):

Step 3 (Use K12-PD Tracker):

K12-PD TRACKER: You will use "PD Tracker" to:

  • Enter your license information after each renewal, BEFORE you create a new IPDP (in Certifications section)
  • Create or revise an IPDP (in IPDP section)
  • Enter your PD hours (contact hours, CEUs, graduate credit) for any non-REVS sponsored PD, meetings, conferences, etc. (LPDP enters local/REVS PD from sign-in sheets)

 Contact your building's LPDC rep to get a K12 PD Tracker account, if you do not have one.


Step 4: Submit IPDP (in PD Tracker) for approval (NOTE: your IPDP must be approved by LPDC before any hours, conferences, courses, etc. count toward your next renewal; see ODE site for more info):

"Educators who are employed in the schools of Ohio will:

  1. Continue to work through their Local Professional Development Committees (LPDC),
  2. Have an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) in place prior to completion of professional development work, and
  3. The professional development work should be completed since the issuance of the certificate or license to be renewed."

Step 5 (PD Options):

Professional Development Options:

  • Take 6 Graduate Credit Hours from an Accredited Institution (Search your university's accreditation: US Department of Education Accreditation Database), OR
  • 18 CEU's or EOA's (see chart below for equivalents), OR
  • A combination equalling 18 CEUs or 180 contact hours:


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Equivalent Other Activity (EOA) is a way to earn CEU's through job-embedded professional development.

  • EOA Guideline Chart - A list of Pre-Approved activities and those needing LPDC Approval BEFORE starting, plus maximum CEUs that can be earned each licensure cycle for ANY PD.
  • EOA Proposal - BEFORE starting the activity, complete a "PD Request" in PD Tracker (consult the EOA Guideline Chart above prior to filling out form for LPDC review)
  • EOA Activity Form (Time Log) - (as a MS Word file) - Use to record your activities AFTER your EOA proposal is approved by the LPDC in PD Tracker 

Other Forms:

  • Webinar Participation Form (use this to verify your participation in a webinar) Other options: upload a copy of your certificate of attendance &/or notes from the webinar.
  • Contact Hours Verification Form - (until May 2017IF YOU HAVE PAPER COPIES: Use this form to record ALL CEU's and contact hours from district in-services and other pre-approved providers. Be sure to also scan (to PDF) this completed form along with your evidence (certificates, notes, etc.) and upload into PD Tracker as ONE "PD Request". It's highly recommended to have your LPDC Building Rep assist you with this process.


Step 6 (Renewing Your License - Online):

For 2014 and beyond...

Before applying ONLINE for your license renewal, please follow these steps:

  • You must have your 180 hours APPROVED in PD Tracker for your license renewal. Then the LPDC will verify that you have the 180 hours and email you that it's OK to apply online for your license renewal in January-May of your expiration year.
  • If some hours were approved via paper copies, upload into to a PD Tracker (as a PD Request) a PDF of your signed sheet(s) showing date, # of hours, and signature of LPDC Chair/Signer (by May 2017).
  • You must also be sure that you have an updated FBI check/fingerprints once every five years, which may or may not correspond with this renewal (click here for more info). For LPDC approval, you need to have at least 1 year until the 5 year expiration date.

After receiving LPDC approval, contact your LPDC rep to assist you with the online renewal process. Plan on 15-20 minutes with assistance (and 30-60+ without assistance).
(NOTE: you have the option to pay online via credit card or send in a check... but NOT a debit card, as of 1/2016)

Here is the link to start your renewal via your SAFE account

And here are the instructions for completing the online license renewal within your ODE SAFE account.

After applying online, the LPDC chair will be notified of your application and will sign off (online) at the next LPDC meeting. At the state level (ODE), official license renewal/approval usually takes just a few weeks (estimated). You will be notified by ODE of your new license via email. Print/save a copy for your records. Lisa Spotts will also get a copy of your new license from ODE, so you do NOT need to send her a copy (except for RE/4-year to 5-year licenses -- please send a copy over to Lisa when you receive it).


Once you have your new certificate, it's time to make a new IPDP! (See Step #3 above...)

  1. Go to K12-PD TRACKER;
  2. (Left side: Certifications >> Add Certification) Enter your license information and Save;
  3. (Left side: IPDP >> Add IPDP) Enter your information, appropriate goals (see Step 2 above or your LPDC Rep for Tips), and Save!
  4. Wait for approval before adding any PD Requests.



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