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New Volunteer Screening System

Rossford Schools is announcing a new partnership with Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) which will save our volunteers time and money while providing top notch safety for our students.

Previously, volunteers who work with unsupervised children (such as classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones) are required to submit a BCI/FBI background check once every five years. This cost varies on location, but costs approximately $80 for our volunteers to conduct. It also typically must be done during work hours which creates a challenge in volunteers’ work schedules.

Now through BIB volunteers will be able to visit a link on our website, enter their information and scan their driver’s license to complete a screening for only $32. Then the applicant is confirmed by the district through an online portal and results are available online typically within two business days and shared for both the applicant and district to view.

BIB searches the nationwide criminal record locator, county searches, national sex offender search, and address history trace. This new method of volunteer screening will be user friendly, more timely, more efficient with online system, includes enhanced reporting while saving our volunteers’ costs by more than half.

If you have already completed your BCI/FBI background check, this wouldn’t be necessary until the five years is up.
Our new system (BIB), helps Rossford Schools enhance safety and security as the checks identify potential risks or individuals with concerning backgrounds. It helps Rossford Schools remain compliant legally and reduces risk of liability. It is an improved efficient process for volunteers.

This will now be a screening requirement for all volunteers regardless of role.

You can complete your volunteer screener visiting here:

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