Fifth Grade Extension Activities

Place Value and Estimation

Math Millions - Can you win $1,000,000?


Division - 2 digit divisors - Chapter 2

Long division by 2 digits - tutorial

Khan Academy Video - dividing by 2 digits

Math Antics Video - dividing by 2 digits

Drag and Drop Math - Choose 4 digits divided by 2 digits with remainders

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? - Division


Order of Operations - Chapter 2

The Royal Rescue - Order of Operations

Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Order of Operations

Order of Operations Triangle Image

Order of Operations - Math Antics Video

Order of Operations - Khan Academy

Order of Operations

Order of Operations Rap



Match the Matches

If the World Were a Village

* Line Plot Creater


Exploring Volume

Finding Volume Tutorial

Christmas Boxes

Composite Shapes - video

* Shoot the Volume


Adding and Subtracting Fractions

* Adding Fractions Board Game - You need a partner.

* Adding Fractions Splat - Try level 3a

* Subtracting Fractions Splat - Try level 2a or 3a

* Adding Mixed Numbers


Multipying and Dividing Fractions

Snow Spring - Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying Fractions - Basic Practice

Fraction Soccer - Multiply fractions and try and kick a goal!

Soccor Fractions - this site includes adding, subtracting, multyplying and dividing

Fraction Millionaire - How much can you earn by multyplying fractions?

Thinking Blocks - Fractions


Number Patterns and Coordinate Grids

Number Patterns - Instructions and 5 question quiz

Boat Coordinates - Choose 1 quadrant and gather the yellow dots.

Simple Coordinates Game

Stock the Shelves - This game includes all 4 quadrants.  Read the directions carefully.


Introduction to Algebra

Introduction to algebraic equations - Khan Academy tutorial and practice page ~ Great intro!

Khan Academy Introduction Video 

Algebra Tiles



Khan Academy Video - Negative Exponents

Negative Exponents Tutorial


Scientific Notation

Khan Academy Video - Introduction to Scientific Notation (20 min.)

Scientific Notation Tutorial

Millionare Game

Scientific Notation - Memory

Scientific Notation - Quiz yourself!



Scooter Decimal Rounding

Baseball Math - Rounding Decimals

Number Pyramids - A critical thinking activity. Use decimals in the bottom row of the pyramid to challenge yourself!

Multiply Decimals Video - Khan Academy Intro

Multiplying Decimals Video - (Level 2) Decimals x Decimals

Multiplying Decimals - Written Instructions

Decimal Jeopardy

Cool Math Decimal Cruncher - choose multiply and your level

Alien Math - Decimal Multiplication....have a paper and pencil ready or try mental multiplication!



Area of a Circle - Khan Video ~ Try the practice problems!

Circumference of a Circle - Khan Video ~ Try the practice problems!

Area of a circle - instructions

Area of a circle - instructions and quiz

Circumference of a Circle - Instructions and quiz

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