Fourth Grade Extension Activities

Chapter 2 - Factors and Products

Mixed and Improper Fractions

Factor Feeder - Hooda Math
Factors and Multiples - How long of a chain can you make?
Not a Factor - Shoot the number that is not a factor.
Factor Lines - How many lines can you make when following the rules?

Chapter 3 - Multiplication

Multiplying Fractions

3 digits x 1 digit- Khan Academy Video
3 digits x 1 digit - Math Playground
Drag'n Drop Math
BBC - Area Model Multiplication - Can you conquer level 3???
Long Multiplication Fun Tutorial
2 digits x 2 digits - Khan Academy Video
Math Playground- 2 digits x 2 digits
Multplying Unit Fractions
Multiply Fractions Using a Model
Multiplying FractionsUsing a Number Line
Multiplying Fractions Table

Chapter 3 - Division


Khan Academy Video - Long Division by 1 digit
Kristine Munafo'sVideo - Long Division by 1 digit with remainders
Long Division Soccer
Thinking Blocks - Multiplication and Division

Khan Academy Video - Intro to Decimals
Khan Academy Video - Comparing Decimals
Decimal Rounding - scooter quest
Comparing Decimals
Ordering Decimals - Balloon Pop
Save the Rabbit! - Decimals and Fractions on a number line
Fruit Splat- Fractions to Decimals - What level can you make it to?
Death to Decimals - convert decimals to fractions



Volume Conversions - Khan Academy Video
Measurement Conversion Games - Sheppard Software

Online Protractor Practice Game
Alien Angles - guess the angle measure
Complementary and Supplementary Angles


Chapter 12 - Perimeter and Area

Decomposing Fractions Video
Fractional pieces of a rectangle (area model)
Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers - Khan Academy Tutorial and practice
Equivilent Fractions
Equivilent Fraction Memory - Level 1
Equivilent Fraction Memory - Level 2
Party Designer
Area and Perimeter Activity - Choose Level 3
That Quiz- Set it to level 50, perimeter and area of rectangles, and solve for x
Area and Perimeter of Compound Shapes


Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
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